The little deaf boy

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Để nguyên văn đọc có vẻ dễ hiểu hơn sài gg translate đó nha 😁😁 There was once a boy that was deaf. He ran away from home alot but alway seemed to come back to the life where his father blamed him for his wife leaving but the boy couldnt hear what he was saying so he never knew why his father was mad at him. One day the boy found a lost dog there wasn't a collar on it and no one there to claim it so the boy decided to keep him. On that very day the father was past out on the couch the boy sat in his room and then the dog told him why do you stay if you're not happy the boy then saw the dogs point so he packed up and headed out the door.  As he wandered into town he saw a joyless man who was sit on the ground holding a music box and in front of him was a woman dancing. The joyless man had no joy in his heart so the boy told the man to come with him and not to listen to the woman. The man smiled got up and walked away the woman screamed and told him he was worthless but he didn't listen. The boy and the man walked till the boy saw a man dancing but crying the boy asked what was wrong and the dancing man told the boy that he had been cursed by a demon to dance and to be made a fool of for the rest of his life. The boy then thought he could go to the demon and defeat him but the dancing man told the boy that if you heard the demons voice then you would fall straight into his curse. The boy laughed and told the dancing man that he could not hear a sound so he couldn't be cursed. The dancing man smiled and thanked the boy for doing this. Then the three of them walked across the desert that was so pure white that if you stared too long you would see your every nightmare but this was the demons trick to keep unwanted visitors out but the boy would not give up. Eventually everyone got tired, the joyless man started to weaken, then the boy fell asleep so the dancing man had to carry him then the dog got sore paws so they had to stop to eat, drink and sleep. The next day the dancing man was up very early the boy understood why he was up at the first crack of dawn he wanted to go see the world without being made a fool of. So everyone was up, ready and they set of to find the demons lair. The boy was up ahead with the dog when he started getting pulled by the dog it started jumping and pulling and barking as if he saw something that he wanted so the boy let go of the leash and off he went straight to a old dead tree. When the others finally got there the dog was sitting as if he was waiting for a treat but the boy was confused they were in the middle of the desert and here lay a tree which looked like it had just died. There were no other trees around and that waswhen he noticed writing on the tree that said "if one is different, then one is special" the boy said it out loud and the tree suddenly opened to become a stair case. The joyless man grabbed the boys hand and gave him a knife and told him to use it to kill the demon. The boy noded then all three of them walked down the stair case but they left the dog up at the top so that it wouldn't give away that they were there. They got to the bottom of the stair case where they saw the demon sleeping at it's chair. The boy and the two men quietly walked to the side of the chair but they all knew every step was a step closer to the thing that might kill them if it awakened from it's slumber. The boy climbed the chair and when he got to the top he took out the knife the the joyless man had given to him. He looked at the demon, took the knife and plunge it into his heart. The demon awoke and looked at the boy then began to laughing. The demon then pushed the boy off the chair. As the boy fell he screamed, the demon then started to scream in pain. The dancing man caught the boy and the boy told the two men to start screaming as loud as they could, they did so without question. The demon was then in so much pain it turned to stone. The dancing man was free he never had to dance and the joyless man then told them that this was the best thing that had ever happened to him in his life and he finally felt joy again. When they got out the dog was sitting watching to see who had returned. It was then time for the two men and the boy to say "farewell". The boy didn't want to go home to see the man who hated him. The joy man then said "you'll never have to go back there you can come with me " the boy then hugged the joy man and said goodbye to the dancing man and gave him the dog to remind him of the boy so they went there seperate ways and went on with their lives without anyone telling them what to do.


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